Chikmagalur Karnataka

This naturally-endowed hilly area is about 250km from Bangalore. It is located in the Baba Budan Hills, which is the area where coffee beans were first introduced in the country. Some of the best varieties of coffee from here are exported. The district has a lot of temples, wildlife spots, trekking routes and forts. There are waterfalls and dams, too. The hills provide for an excellent vacation. The nearest railway station from the town is in Kadur, 75km away, and the nearest airport is in Mangalore, 120km away.


Coffee Trips
There are plenty of coffee plantations where you can go for walks and learn about all the details of coffee cultivation. You can stay in government guesthouses and private bungalows. A Coffee Centre was opened by the Coffee Board of India in 2005, which imparts knowledge coffee knowledge to tourists. Multimedia presentations, posters and documents are used to explain how coffee is cultivated, roasted and powdered. You can also learn about coffee’s history in India and its research. The centre is closed on weekends and holidays.


Chikmagalur Golf Club
This beautiful golf club was designed by Phil Ryan from Melbourne, and was completed in 2002. There’s a beautiful clubhouse with eight AC rooms and catering options. A lake in the compound offers facilities for fishing. The good thing is that it is open to non-members as well.


Kadur Club
This century-old club was a haven for plantation and estate owners in the area. There are four rooms to be used, but only for members. On the walls, you can see photographs of its early patrons and the heads of the game they hunted. It is situated in the east of the district.


It is only 15km from Chikmagalur. It is the highest peak in the state and stands at more than 6,300ft. There are lots of trekking opportunities here. The peak has two shrines-dedicated to the two brothers who mediated here: Mulappa Swamy and Seetalayana Swamy. Gaalikere Lake and Kemmannagundi are close by.


Kemmannagundi Peak
This 4,705-foot hill in the southwestern region of the district used to be one of King Krishnaraja Wadiyar’s summer retreats. It gets its name from ‘kempu mannu’ meaning ‘red soil’, and makes for good trekking options.


Hebbe Falls
It is located at 10km from Kemmanagundi. It falls in two steps-Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe. When it’s not raining heavily, you can safely bathe in the pools.


It is about five km from the city and the main attraction is the Rama Temple here. Here, Sita has been placed to Rama’s right. The Prasanna Balleshwara Temple and the Ishwara Temple are nearby. The Ishwara Temple has an eight-legged statue of Jademuni.

Baba Budan Giri
It is 30km from Chikmagalur. The Gaalikere Lake, which literally means ‘Windy Lake’ is a good place to unwind. Hazrat Dada Hyat Mir Qalandar was a Sufi spiritualist who came to mediate here. His dargah is a major attraction. Nellikayi Teertha, Gada Teertha and Kamana Teertha are famous waterfalls. The surrounding hills are popular trekking and mountain climbing routes.


Veerabhadreshwara Temple
It is 12km from Kemmannagundi and was built in the 16th century, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It can be reached by crossing the Kalahatti waterfall. The annual yatra in March attracts a lot of people.

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